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Onions stuffed with White Tuna

Product: Onions stuffed with White Tuna

Container: Metalic RO-400

Net weight: 400 gr.

Drained weight: 300 gr.

Category: Platos de tenedor

Onions meticulously selected stuffed with a stew of white tuna accompanied by a chord sauce to highlight the mixture of flavors.

To present in flat plate and to heat each one in microwaves seconds, or to empty carefully in a casserole and to heat to slow fire.

Onion, white tuna, tomato, pepper, white wine, garlic, parsley, olive oil, salt and spices.

Nutricional facts for 100 gr.
Energy 79,70 Kcal.
Carbohydrate 6,50 gr.
Sugars 6,50 gr.
Salt 0,70 gr.
Protein 3,30 gr.
Total fat 4,50 gr.
Saturated fat acid 0,30 gr.

Proyecto de adquisión y acondicionamiento de nave para fabricación de conserva artesanal y platos cocinados.

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Subvenciones dirigidas a apoyar la promoción internacional y la diversificación de los mercados de las empresas del Principado de Asturias (Expediente IDE/2017/000311)

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